TheJobSquare is one of its kind leading website that aims to be a bridge between various illustrious schools looking out for meticulous principals and competent principals in search of eminent schools.

The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members and workers better

India is nowadays one of the most prominent education spot for students all around the world. This marks the urgent need for keeping each of our educational institution well functioned and guided. And this point highlightens the utter need for good leader for every school or educational institute.

With a large no. of new schools opening in India and existing schools always competing to be the best there is a sheer need for good principals in schools and this results in a large no. of vacancies.

Most of the times various willing to be be principals are not aware of these vacancies and schools also find it difficult to reach the apt people.

TheJobSquare is a solution to this problem.

For Schools

Here at TheJobSquare we aim to have access to resumes of principals all around India who are willing to be employed in various prestigious schools all around India . School management can post the vacancy for the post of principal for their respective schools. Rated resumes of various competent people for the post of principal/vice principal can further be downloaded from the TheJobSquare website.

The schools can then shortlist people who can further be called up for interviews hence easing a tedious process of hiring a principal.

For willing to be Principals

Various people who are willing to be appointed in India’s most prestigious schools can get registered on our website and upload their resumes on our website , wherein the resumes will get rated by TheJobSquare experts . The resumes would then be made available to various prestigious schools having vacancies for the post of principals and candidates will also be provided with ratings of various schools.

Hence easing the process of finding a good school to work with.

Key Features

  • Linked with numerous prominent schools nationwide
  • A remarkable resume bank
  • Rated schools and resumes
  • One to one contact with the employer (schools) and employee (willing to be principals)
  • Complex problems bringing an approach delivers solutions
  • Works with senior executives to help them analytics bringing

Our Ultimate Goal

To create a nationwide network to help various willing to be principals get employed in the best schools and various schools to find the best fit as a principals and ultimately help both the schools and principals flourish.